Bloom By Amalgamation

What would 2 graphic designers-cum-illustrators-cum-photographers, 2 textile and embroidery designers, 1 interior designer and 1 architecture-cum-product designer make? Frankly, I have no idea! Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Beginning the collaborative project, we used social media platforms – Pinterest and Facebook extensively. Having a mix of part-time and full-time members, we made good use of these platforms as tools of communication and idea-sharing. Pinterest specifically has been a major support in (literal translation from the name per se – pinning individual’s topic of interest) allowing cross-pollination of ideas, perspectives and instant feedback.

The biggest challenge working with people from different backgrounds is finding the meeting point, if not in between and knowing how to maneuver towards it in the role of a team player. I believe that it is crucial that one needs to actively evaluate an idea and underscore a good idea while turning down a bad one without beating around the bush, before developing any.  Doing so offers an efficient process in decision-making and forming a final conclusion. We certainly came a long way before consolidating ourselves with an agreeable direction in 15 minutes. Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset Intrigued by the endless possibilities of bacteria and microorganism, we foresee an alternative sustainable material influencing many industries, namely healthcare, fashion and architecture. The following stage will be tonnes of research and plenty of experimentation.

To play out this week’s post, here is a video of Suzanne Lee from BioCouture disclosing her process in creating fabric out of microorganism.

Dezeen. (April 2014) Suzzane Lee of BioCouture Explains How to Make Clothes from Bacteria. Retrieved from


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