Invading Spaces #2

How awkward it is for a high-end products retail to be situated in the slum-ish district of Kensal Town (slightly off the central London)? I am talking about Tom Dixon’s studio, shop and his 2 fine-dining restaurant. 

Tom Dixon – the man of materiality trendsetter in the product industry. Though I dislike to discern Tom as a designer who produces captivating yet ephemeral products, I love his design approach as well as the desire for material and innovation. With no doubt, he is a self-motivated designer with great personalities and constantly setting design and making at the forefront. Upon stepping into his shop, I was smacked by the phenomenon as though I am strutting down the aisle and blasted by camera flashes all around. I spent a few minutes inside before escaping into the courtyard. The interior is too flashy for me.

2014-10-24 04.44.08 1

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

2014-10-25 09.37.14 12014-10-25 09.36.48 12014-10-24 04.21.46 12014-10-25 09.36.33 1

#dotdotdot is a monthly party for london’s creative and digital communities by onedotzero. The event is opened for artists, designers, musicians, programmers, coders, hackers and entrepreneurs – and everyone in between. And it is free! 

This month had loop.pH, who brought in their LED light installation ‘Sonumbra’, architect Konstantinos Mavromichalis of Urban Visuals, who discussed about his works in interactive public installation, David Hedberg with his bewitching ‘Smile TV’ set, Richard Hogg and his audio-visual ‘hohokum’ Playstation game, though-provoking gifs from Mattis Dovier, Horia Dragomir‘s face-to-gif project and live audio-visual dj set performance from The Light Surgeons. It was exhilarating to see how the responsive technology is implemented into different fields and how they en masse re-engaged human through our plain senses. 

dotdotdotdotdotdot tv

And here’s a candid picture of me caught in action with ‘Smile TV’.


dotdotdot gamedotdotdot light

If you missed out the 1st Invading Spaces, follow this link. Until I write again, have a great Spaceploration, Curious Makers!


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