Blossom After Fall

This is an update (or shall I say conclusion) for those who are following the bacteria-culturing project. Although I did not participate much after the last presentation (as the course structure for product design does not allow so), I still took my time out to meet up with the team on a weekly basis.

The team had reflected on the previous research and decided to pivot our focus into developing a mood-responsive aromatherapeutic clothing. To my delight, my input on the ideation and concretise the idea with solid reasonings, played a big influence and continued to inspire them in the following process. Even so, I do not think I should take any credits as they are the ones who execute the idea. The outcome was great. The presentation this time was short and concise. Not only that we had prototype samples to show, the entire presentation from the booklets and flyers, that were given out, to the clothing design was conceptually an auxiliary package.

Despite the efforts unfortunately only come from the half of the group, I am very proud to say that we were the only one of many who has managed worked into a single goal. Building a team of mutual vision and interest therefore is vital and benefits in the latter development.

2014-10-30 01.38.30 1IMG_1801IMG_1805IMG_1806IMG_1808IMG_18092014-10-30 01.38.18 1

The picture of the samples that I took does not do justice to the intricate craftmanship.


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