Obsession of Flatness

We are living in the competition for the ‘thinner’ and ‘lighter’ with the vision for clean, minimal, clutter-free environment. We named it – innovation. 

Hand Gesture

Our world is secretly consumed by technology. Things are designed with technology, for technology and by technology. Our behaviour is morphed by technology too. We are adapting to technology as much as technology developers trying their best to build to human intuition. We are seeing our environment slowly melting away into flat surfaces. Flat interactive surfaces. It is as though they have been swallowed by the abyss of technology.

When we say flat, it refers to an even and smooth surface. No bumps. Flat subliminally reflects perfection. Little that we know is things began to lose its tactility. Is it the case of material? Glass has become a stereotypical material that ties to future and technology. Can we have something with texture? Hmm… interactive texture. Cool huh? Have we lost our sense of touch? We touch now not to feel the texture of an object but to expect a response in or from that object. Our innate sense of touch has been screwed up! Has it not?

‘Black Mirror’ TV Series

Do we want to end up living in an empty box after all? Seriously, artworks in a large screen? In the body of a screen, technology communicates and also where we interact with.  Screen has unconsciously became a barrier. A mental barrier. To get something to work, you first have to go through this imperceptible transition. They then may work better in function but when is the last time a ‘handyman’ knows how to fix it when something goes wrong. Screen is just one medium of transition. What future do we want? Screen-less but touchable? Mouldable “screen”? Smart materials?

Let me leave you with something inspirational, a designer decided to explore how you can interact with computer with the tip of your nose. Funny? Perhaps we should question our behaviours which have been fixated for many years.


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