AlgaeAboard: Conclusion

IMG_4777 edit

Material experimentation requires a lot of material to allow endless failures and tenacious trials. To advance from material research to product making within the period of 2 months, there were many hasty decisions made. To sum up the entire experience, it was scary but exciting. I suppose my enthusiasm for the subject matter overshadowed all perpetual risks and challenges.

In the midst of the project, I had a revelation.

When you meet failures, you tell yourself, “Relax. Serve to the moment, dance with the problem. Just relax.”

I would say that this is my biggest take-away from the project. I believe this will be a valuable outlook to maintain for any future endeavour.

The final outcomes were not my best but I have to stop making and start documenting what I have done. Given more time, the material will be augmented to be more stable. I will be able to explore more techniques and treatment to the material, probing at what product the material can best become and followed by establishing suitable processes, be it machinery or handcrafted.

As cliché as it may sound, this is only the beginning for ‘algae bioplastic’. Looking forward, ‘AlgaeAboard’ is not just a series of canal boat products, but also a proposition of a holistic, sustainable business model.

It is about the emerging of a new vernacular material.

A whole community that builds around it.

A holistic ecosystem.


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